If, in any case, end users are running into issues (e.g., a service is inaccessible, a device cannot be registered) and want to see whether they can diagnose an issue in the Banyan Desktop App, they can use the Run Diagnostic Tool. End users can also use the diagnostic tool to package logs to send to their administrator.

Using the Run Diagnostic Tool (and Accessing App Logs)

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Access the Run Diagnostic Tool 

  • In the Banyan Desktop App, navigate from Settings > Help. Select the Run Diagnostic Tool

Step 2: View the Health Check status of your sessions and services

  • Completing Step 1 will pull up a Health Check panel that confirms whether you want to run a health check. Select Run
  • The Health Check menu will display a list of your device's properties, the current status of your sessions and services, and your device features (showing which security measures you have in place and whether your system is up-to-date). 

Step 3: View App Log files 

  • At the bottom of the Health Check menu, you should see a View Log Files button. Select View Log Files to download your app logs. They should appear in your archives, as shown below.