For general instructions on accessing services via the Desktop App, please refer here.

MobaXterm is an enhanced terminal for Windows. It has an X11 server, a tabbed SSH client, and network tools for remote computing (e.g., RDP, VNC, rlogin, and Telnet). MobaXterm makes all of the essential Unix commands available on the Windows desktop, using a single portable exe file that works out of the box. 

To access an SSH server via Banyan Desktop App and MobaXterm:

  1. Launch the Banyan Desktop App, and log into your organization. Navigate to Infrastructure Services, and click on the respective SSH service.

  1. In your SSH service, select Activate to start the proxy. This will update your SSH configuration file, as shown in the SSH Config field. The command needed to run the service is also available under Command

  1. Once you’ve selected Activate, your service page will read READY

  1. Open MobaXterm.  

  1. Select SSH from the Session settings in MobaXterm. 

  1. Enter the basic SSH settings information (e.g., remote host, username, and port number). Your remote host will be the server name shown in the Command box in Steps 2 and 3. Your port number will be 8443. 

  1. Navigate to Bookmark settings and enter your Session name. 

  1. Now, every time you start MobaXterm, your SSH Session name should appear in the User Sessions menu on the left. 

  1. If you double click on your session name in the menu on the left, it will now connect to your server and start a Terminal session.