With an enhanced design and improved functionality, Banyan Desktop App v.2.0 brings our biggest app update yet. This article walks through a few changes you will notice when updating your Banyan Desktop App.

General Changes

The Banyan Desktop App view has been enlarged to display more details throughout. You can manually resize the frame as well as expand it to fullscreen.


Services have been organized into sections: My Services and Service Catalog.

In the My Services section, you can view Favorites (commonly accessed services) and Autorun* (services that start when the Desktop App launches) for quick access. The Service Bundles include sets of services configured by Banyan Admins for similar services or projects. They help browsing and for bulk connecting to several services simultaneously.

*NOTE: Autorun sessions typically timeout when the end user’s login certificate expires (default 24 hours, but can be extended). When the login certificate expires, the end user needs to authenticate with your IDP, after which the services may resume autorun.

The Services Catalog organizes all of your services according to their type (Hosted Websites, Infrastructure, SaaS Applications). 

You can search for specific services, sort columns alphanumerically, and refresh the lists for any latest changes.

Previously, you had to click into a service in order to launch it. Now, you can launch and connect to a service from the service list view.


The Settings have been organized into sections according to Desktop App settings and preference, then quick links to helpful resources (documentation, app log, and privacy policy).