Linux users using Firefox browser might get a Device Verification Error while accessing the Banyan App.

Error details:

Your browser did not present a valid Banyan device certificate. Please quit your browser and try again.

This happens because Firefox maintains its own certificate store. Linux does not have a certificate store unlike Windows or Mac OS, resulting in Firefox unable to access the certificates.

To resolve this issue, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Export the Banyan device certificate and root certificate from Chrome


    1. Make Google Chrome your default browser. 

    2. Open and authenticate to Banyan.

    3. Select the Banyan device certificate.



  4. Export the device certificate to your computer by going to:

       Settings > Privacy and Security > Security > Advanced > Manage Certificates.

       a. On the 'Your certificates' tab, click on the Banyan device certificate  and select export



       b. Save the certificate to your desktop or preferred folder.

   5. Export the Banyan root certificate to your computer by going to :
      Settings > Privacy and Security > Security > Advanced > Manage Certificates > Authorities.

         a. Select the Banyan root CA for your Org


       b. Generate a password and save the certificate to your computer

Import the Banyan certificates to Firefox

 6. Import both certificates to Firefox by going to:

        Preferences > Privacy & Security > Certificates > View Certificates

        a. Import the device certificate: click on the 'Your Certificates' tab

        b. Import root certificate: click on the 'Authorities' tab and enter a password generated earlier.

        c. For the root certificate, click on  ‘Edit Trust’ and check ‘This certificate can identify websites’

   7. Make Firefox your default browser.


   8. Access an application using the Banyan App and select the device certificate on Firefox.