We ask our customers to please follow these guidelines when opening a ticket:

Priority Level


Urgent (P1)

Business outage with revenue impact. Examples:

  • Unable to access the Command Center.

  • All users unable to access any sites protected by Banyan.

  • Security breach.

  • Data loss or corruption.

High (P2)

Business impact without total outage. No workaround available. Examples:

  • Unable to access business-critical sites protected by an Access Tier that were previously working.

  • Issues affecting Trust Scoring or policy enforcement.

  • Integrations with external tools (IdP, MDM, SIEM, etc).

Medium (P3)

Minor or non-critical impact. Examples:

  • Configuration issues and questions.

  • Installation troubleshooting.

  • Issues affecting a single user, e.g. installation on a desktop.

Low (P4)

General questions and feature requests.

Banyan reserves the right to downgrade tickets that do not meet the criteria for the priority they were opened with.