This article details a few common questions and privacy concerns related to Banyan Apps:

Does Banyan App have access to all data (camera, photos, settings, etc.) on my device?

The Banyan App reports on device status and does not change any settings proactively.

The Banyan App does not have access to all of your device data. It only checks specific device settings and security features.

The raw device data is sent to Banyan to compute the device’s TrustScore according to Policies configured by your organization’s Banyan Administrator.

What (meta)data does Banyan App collect or use?

For Device TrustScores, Banyan analyzes raw information about a device (such as its features and settings) and converts it into TrustScore Factors that can be processed by machine-learning algorithms. 

TrustScore Factors typically involve security measures (such as firewall, disk encryption, screen lock, etc.), preferred applications (such as corporate-managed or productivity-related applications), and general performance (minimum allowed OS version).

All of these factors are then processed and applied to compute the device’s TrustScore.

Does Banyan App look at all the traffic for my mobile device?

Banyan does not inspect web traffic or network activity to/from the device.

Standard, OS-specific messages are shown to end users when installing any root certificates to their device. In this case, Banyan leverages the root certificate to validate downstream intermediate and client certificates.

Once the device data is collected, is that data sent anywhere for score calculation and policy application?

The device’s data is sent to Banyan servers, which then calculate the device’s TrustScore and apply policies then grant or deny access to protected resources.

Where is the collected device feature data stored, and for how long?

The device feature data is stored in the TrustScore service, encrypted at rest, and conforms to the highest security standards for protecting sensitive data. This data is used for the lifetime of the customer.

Does Banyan App access location data?

The Banyan App does not access or store location data of the devices.

What does Banyan App impose on device data usage?

The Banyan App scans and reports device data every 60 minutes and when it is used to access a Banyan-protected Service. 

It has essentially no impact (i.e. kilobytes) on device performance, CPU usage, or data usage.