The Banyan Linux Desktop App allows you to register your Linux device so it can start accessing Banyan-secured Services.

The Banyan Desktop App can be installed on:


Before proceeding through the steps below, please ensure that you have administrative privileges on your Linux device in order to install the Banyan Linux Desktop App. 

Ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • You must have Chrome installed, set as your default browser, and used for registering your device and connecting to services.
  • You must have certutil installed. To install certutil, launch your terminal run the command sudo apt-get install libnss3-tools

Install the Banyan Linux Desktop App

NOTE: If your device is corporate-owned and -managed (using a Device Manager), then these installation and registration steps may be preconfigured and omitted.

To install the Banyan Linux Desktop App:

1. Run the banyanapp .deb or .rpm installer.

2. Click Install and allow the installation to finish.

3. Launch the Banyan Linux Desktop App.

4. Enter your organization's Invitation Code. This Invitation Code is provided offline by your Admin. Then, click Continue.

5. Authenticating with an IDP (such as Okta, G Suite, OneLogin, or other SAML IDP) launches a new browser window. The example below shows an organization using Okta to authenticate its users.

A success message displays.

6. Select the ownership type of the device you are registering.

7. Now that you're authenticated, you can install your organizations' certificates to register your device and access Banyan-secured applications and services.

You can now access Banyan-secured applications and services from your Linux device.

NOTE: Once you have installed the Banyan Linux Desktop App, you can access it at any time via the menu bar.