The Banyan iOS Mobile App allows you to register your iOS device so it can start accessing Banyan-secured Services.

You can download the latest Banyan iOS Mobile App via the Apple App Store:

Here are step-by-step instructions to install the Banyan iOS Mobile App.

1. Launch the Banyan iOS Mobile App to register your device, and then enter your organization's Invitation Code. This Invitation Code this will provided offline by your Admin.

2. When prompted to use ``, tap Continue.

3. Authenticate using your Single Sign On provider. (The example below shows Okta as the organization's SSO/Identity Provider).

4. Select the ownership type of the device you are registering. Depending on your organizations settings, device registration may require a multi-factor verification passcode, that will be sent to your email inbox. Enter that next.

NOTE: The verification passcode is only valid for 10 minutes. If you do not complete device registration within that time, please re-enter your organization’s invitation code (step 1).

If you did not receive the one-time passcode email, please check your spam folder or contact your Banyan Administrator to ensure corporate email provider is not blocking emails sent from

5. Once you're authenticated and your email is verified you can install your organizations' certificates to register your device, and access Banyan-secured applications and services. Tap Install and the Banyan trusted certificates will be securely installed in the application keychain.

6. And, that's it, you're all set up! You can now access Banyan-secured applications and services from your iOS device.