The Banyan macOS Desktop App allows you to register your macOS device so it can start accessing Banyan-secured Services.

The Banyan Desktop App can be installed on macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later.

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Before proceeding through the steps below, please ensure that you have administrative privileges on your macOS device in order to install the Banyan macOS Desktop App.

Additionally, some macOS devices have security preferences set to only allow installation of apps from the App Store. 

To install the Banyan macOS Desktop App on such devices:

  1. While holding down the "control" button on your keyboard, click the Banyan DMG (e.g., ‘banyan-x.x.x.dmg’, where ‘x.x.x’ is the app version).

  2. Select "Open" to override and install/open the application.

  3. Proceed to step 2 below.

Install the Banyan macOS Desktop App

NOTE: If your device is corporate-owned and -managed (using a Device Manager), then these installation and registration steps may be preconfigured and omitted.

To install the Banyan macOS Desktop App:

1. Run the Banyan DMG installer and acknowledge the prompt.

2. Install the Banyan macOS Desktop App by dragging it into your Applications folder.

3. Launch the Banyan macOS Desktop App and acknowledge the next prompt.

4. Enter your organization's Invitation Code. This Invitation Code is provided offline by your Admin.

5. Authenticating with an IDP (such as Okta, G Suite, OneLogin, or other SAML IDP) launches a new browser window. The example below shows an organization using G Suite SSO to authenticate its users.

6. Select the ownership type of the device you are registering.

7. Now that you're authenticated and your email is verified, you can install your organizations' certificates to register your device and access Banyan-secured applications and services.

8. You'll be prompted for a password so your device can trust your organization's Root Certificate Authority (Root CA)

9. In the Desktop App, click Continue.

That's it! You can now access Banyan-secured applications and services from your macOS device.


Post Installation and Registration

The first time you access a hosted web service or log in the Banyan App again, you’ll receive a prompt to select the applicable certificate to authenticate. 

When prompted, enter your device password and then click Allow (or Always Allow). Please note, your organization may require multiple certificates on your device. Repeat this step as necessary.

NOTE: Once you have installed the Banyan macOS Desktop App, you can access it at any time via the Mac menu bar.